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Protect and Empower Your Kids

Posted on: June 8, 2012

The summer months often find parents and kids at places like the park, the pool or the amusement park. And sometimes worrying about your kids’ safety too much can make them afraid too. Here are five simple ways to keep them safe without stressing them out.

  1.  Remind them that their body is theirs. Make sure your kids know that nobody has the right to touch them in private places. And telling you about it is always OK.
  2. Give them your phone number. Make sure they know your number or that it’s somewhere on their body, such as on a slip of paper in a pocket or written on their arm with permanent marker.
  3. Tell them to stay put. Teach your kids that they’ll be found much faster if they stop walking the moment they realize they’re lost.
  4. Go neon. Dress your kids in bright colors so they’re easier to spot in a crowd.
  5. Point out “safe strangers.” The best strangers for kids to talk to are other moms with kids. Make sure they know who to go to for help.

The summer should be about fun. So let them relax and be safe at the same time.

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