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Setting Your Child Up for Success Through Fun Summer Learning

Posted on: June 24, 2013

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Are you wondering what to do with your kids this summer vacation? Why not give your kids a head start? Some pressure-free, playful learning can be both fun and productive. Here are some tips for crafting a summer schedule to put your kids on the path towards success.*

  • Figure out your child’s learning needs. If your little one could use some work in a specific subject, focus on that. Talking with your child’s teacher can help you decide where he or she might need a little extra practice.
  • Be prepared. Schedule one fun activity each day, and work a little learning in, like a simple cooking project or making lemonade, both of which uses math and motor skills, as well as reading recipes. Picking a weekly theme — transportation or art, for example — and allowing your child’s friends to join in can make it more enjoyable.
  • Include down time. Learning is great, but so is playtime. To prevent your kid from burning out, schedule breaks throughout the day for your child to just play. After all, it is still summer vacation.
  • Team up with other parents. Sometimes you need a break too, right? Taking turns watching each other’s kids can help free up time for both of you to relax or take care of other things. Plus, your child then has other kids to play with.

Follow these tips for planning out your child’s summer and you can both be productive and have a great time together. Learning is fun!

* Source: http://amomwithalessonplan.com/summer-schedule/

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