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How NOT to Brush Your Teeth Infographic
How NOT to Brush Your Teeth – Via: Everest Dental Assistant Program

A dental assistant helps dentists and hygienists with everything from equipment and X-rays to keeping the patient comfortable. Here are some of the most common day-to-day duties.

  1. Prepare patients for treatments and procedures
  2. Prepare dental instruments for procedures, making sure they’re sterile and organized.
  3. Assist dentists by handing them instruments during procedures.
  4. Process X-rays and do lab tasks under the direction of a dentist.
  5. Keep records of dental treatments.

Find out more about dental assistant programs at Everest College.

Dentists depend on assistants for everything from chairside help to lab work. And that’s where you come in. With dental assistant training from Everest, you’ll learn the skills it takes to be a valued part of any dental office.

Get hands-on training in a lab setting using the very latest dental tools and machines that dentists and dental companies use every day. You will also learn important skills like clinical work, x-rays, and office work that can open doors for you in the dental field as a dental assistant, orthodontic assistant, front office assistant or hygiene assistant.

Is a career as a dental assistant right for you? Learn more about dental assistant training from Everest.

Dental AssistantBeing a dental assistant is a great career choice for many people. Often, the hours are flexible, working conditions excellent, and market demand strong.*

If you are considering a career as a dental assistant, you may be wondering: Exactly what do dental assistants do? In general, dental assistants either work directly with dentists who treat patients, work in dental laboratories, or support office operations.

Some dental assistants may work in multiple areas. Below is a list of some common dental assistant duties.

Working with Patients

  • Sterilize and lay out dental instruments
  • Take and process X-rays
  • Remove sutures
  • Apply anesthetics and anti-cavity agents to teeth

Managing the Office

  • Answer phones and set appointments
  • Greet patients and process client info
  • Manage patient files
  • Process payments and issue invoices

Lab Work

  • Make plaster casts
  • Clean and polish mouth guards, dentures and other removable appliances
  • Performing orthodontic measurements

Training for a dental assistant career at Everest can often be completed in under a year. Contact us to learn more about our Dental Assistant career training programs.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos163.htm)

Once you complete your Dental Assistant education and start looking for a job, what will interviewers expect from you? Here are some key points to remember:

  • Punctuality.  First of all, show up to your interview on time. Make your first impression one of dependability.
  • Appearance. Your second impression should be one of professionalism. Your hair should be cut and styled. Wear clean, pressed clothes. If you’re a woman, keep makeup and jewelry to a minimum. Try to cover up tattoos, if you have them.
  • Knowledge/Experience. This is where your Everest education can help you. Discuss not only what you’ve learned in class, but what you’ve actually done in the lab. Convince them you have the skills to do the job.
  • Confidence. Again, this is where your Everest education helps. Your education and training can provide you with the self-confidence interviewers are looking for.

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