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Studying is an essential part to college success. Try some of these study hacks to take your study skills to the next level:

  1. Walk before an exam. Studies have shown that about 20 minutes of exercise before an exam can improve performance.
  2. Teach what you have learned. This will test if you truly understand the material.
  3. Drawing diagrams can help you visualize concepts that would be hard to describe.
  4. If typing your notes, Times New Roman is the fastest font to read.
  5. You’re 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud instead of simply reading it over and over.
  6. Avoid distractions by blocking certain websites for a set amount of time. Apps like SelfControl (http://selfcontrolapp.com/) can help you stay focused.
  7. Try to engage all your senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and sound) while studying. The more senses you engage, the more likely you are to remember.
  8. Form a study group
  9. Reward yourself with a treat for a job well done.

___ResumeEVpost_071014At some point in your career, there may be a time where you’re out of work for awhile. A gap on your resume is not a deal breaker if you know how to handle it. Here are three tips on how to handle a gap on your resume.

1. Take a positive approach. Describe how you used this time to prepare for your next job and what you learned from the situation.
2. Don’t dwell on the reason. Be clear and to the point when explaining the gap, but quickly move on to explaining the skills you have that make you the right fit for the job you’re applying for.
3. Take advantage of your cover letter. If you can’t downplay the gap, briefly use your cover letter to clear the air. Remember to keep a positive attitude in your explanation.

Email-in-the-inbox_WP061814Whether it’s your first day of career training or the first day of a new job, it’s helpful to know how to keep your email inbox organized. As the world becomes more digital, knowing how to keep your inbox clean will become even more important. Here are five tips on how to manage your email inbox:

1. Create folders. Sort the messages in your inbox by date, subject matter or importance.
2. Respond to critical messages immediately.
3. Delete messages you don’t need.
4. Set aside time at the end of the week to clean out any clutter that might’ve slipped by during a busy week.
5. Don’t wait until your inbox is out of control. Develop good habits and keep your inbox in check all the time.

association_EVPost042114Considering joining a professional or trade association? Associations can help jumpstart your career and make new connections. Here are some tips for finding the right association for you:

1. Ask for suggestions from your classmates or instructors.
2. Find one that concentrates on your specialty.
3. Look for mentorship opportunities.
4. Location, location, location. Pick a professional or trade association that is easy for you to attend meetings regularly.
5. Have fun and make new friends that share your interests.

9.netiquetteWhether you’re an online student or take classes at a campus, your online presence will have a big effect on your success. Your instructors, employers and peers will all come to conclusions based on how you act online. Here are five simple guidelines to online etiquette:

  1. Use proper English and punctuation as if you’re writing a paper. Avoid popular abbreviations, acronyms (like BRB = Be right back) or other shortcuts used in social communication.
  2. Don’t use emoticons. In a social context, emoticons help express emotion. In a working context, emoticons express unprofessionalism.
  3. “Reply All” to emails only when appropriate. You don’t want to clutter the inboxes of people who don’t need it.
  4. Keep it clean. People often become brave when their identity is hidden online. That recklessness can often turn into regrets. Avoid profanities, obscenities and other offensive content while in school or at work.
  5. Respond to any emails or messages you get in a timely manner. The response doesn’t have to be long, just an acknowledgment.


10.interviewnervesNervous about the job interview? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. A recent survey done by Everest College and Harris Interactive shows that 92 percent of Americans have at least one fear about the job interview process. The most common worry was, “seeming nervous,” which 17 percent of interviewees indicated as their top fear of the process.

Fear not, there are things you can do to help you manage those nerves. For example, going to college! The study shows that college can make you more confident. Twenty-two percent of survey participants with only a high school diploma or below indicated nerves as their biggest fear. Meanwhile, only 11 percent of college graduates listed nerves as their biggest concern.

Want to build your confidence going into the job search process? Enroll at Everest and know that you can get quality training in the day-to-day skills needed for the job. At Everest, you can get support from a team of instructors and advisors from day one that continues even after graduation. Click the link for more details on Everest’s career training programs and campuses: http://facebook.everest.edu/.

32.budgetweekenddnew1Just because you’re on a student budget doesn’t mean you can’t do any fun weekend activities. There are lots of inexpensive things to do on the weekend. Here are some awesome weekend activities that work on a student budget:

  • Listen to music at a local pub. Often, local artists will perform and you can get great music without the cost of an overpriced concert ticket. You may even discover your new favorite band.
  • Are you an animal lover? Try going to a shelter and walking a dog. Volunteering is great for the dogs and you as well.
  • Shop garage sales. You can find unique treasures for less than retail prices.
  • Read a book then see the movie. You can compare which you liked better.
  • Go for a picnic.
  • Go for a hike or bike ride.
  • Start a weekend hobby or craft. This could range from home improvement to learning a foreign language.

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