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graduation cap and cash roll, closeup Balancing your student finances can feel like a circus tightrope act. Don’t sweat; you’re not up there without a safety net. Here are some tips to help with student finances:

  • Be careful with your credit card. On one hand, it’s good to start building credit history. On the other hand, credit spending can quickly spiral out of control.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. Find out how much you make and then how much you spend per month. Of your spending, figure out what is necessary and what is luxury (Sorry, no matter how you spin it, beer is not a necessity).
  • Save early and often. Even if you put just a little away at a time, it can help you out a lot down the road.
  • Borrow as little as possible. In addition to loans, there are many scholarships and grants available to all types of students. If you do have to borrow, make sure you understand all costs and terms before agreeing to anything.
  • Use coupons. Sites like Groupon offer great deals that can save you money.
  • Use technology to your advantage. You can get alerts for credit cards, bank accounts and other payments to help stay on top of it. This way, you can avoid unnecessary late fees.

“Paying for College” Is No. 1 Concern of Students

According to a recent poll on the Everest College Facebook Page, “paying for college” is a top concern for potential students. The poll, which ran from July 5-6, listed five common issues and asked Page Fans to pick their top concern. The results were as follows:

Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities offer financial aid for those who qualify. Our student finance planners work one-on-one with students to help them select the loan, grant and scholarship packages that best fits their needs. We also help them apply for such assistance.

Programs, program lengths and program schedules vary by campus. Campuses vary by state. Everest College, Everest Institute and Everest University are part of the Everest family of schools.

Everest mobile website optimized for more than just smart phones.

Everest launches mobile website optimized for more than just smart phones.

SANTA ANA, Calif. (November 30, 2009) – Now mobile visitors to Everest’s website can access campus and course information or begin the enrollment process to become a student from virtually any web-enabled cell phone, smart phone or other mobile Internet device.

With the launch of its mobile-optimized version of the website, http://m.everest.edu/, visitors can locate a nearby campus complete with map links and directions, review career training programs, check out online classes, see financial aid options, view frequently asked questions, request more information, as well as learn about student services, student resources, accreditation information, and the admissions and enrollment processes. There’s even a “Call Us Now,” option that integrates the mobile browser with the user’s phone’s dialer, allowing for easy, safe dialing.

“We noticed that over the past 12 months, mobile traffic has been the fastest growing segment of our web properties,” said Teresa M. O’Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing. “People want information right at their fingertips. We felt it was important to provide an excellent mobile browsing experience for these users.”

When researching mobile website options, Everest developers felt it was important to optimize for more than just the smart phone device. They tested for a variety of mobile handsets and non-standard Internet devices in an effort to make the mobile browser experience much more user friendly and to better serve the schools’ increasing mobile traffic.

“It’s all about the engaging our mobile visitors and creating a positive mobile user experience,” said O’Sullivan.

About Everest

Everest Universities, Colleges and Institutes and provide career-oriented diploma and degree programs in the fields of healthcare, criminal justice, skilled trades, business, paralegal and information technology. Everest is owned by Corinthian Colleges, Inc., one of the largest post-secondary education companies in North America, and has 100 schools in the U.S. and Canada. For more information about programs, visit the Everest main site or the Everest mobile site. Join the Everest conversation at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Press may contact Karen Kalil, AVP, Public Relations, Everest Colleges, 714-825-7789.

Here are six great reasons to consider getting your career training at Everest College!

1. We have instructors with real-world experience.
Our instructors are professionals with industry experience. Their knowledge and experience will give you an edge because they can provide you with practical insights that can’t be learned in a textbook.

2. We give you practical hands-on career training.
We incorporate hands-on training into our programs so that you can practice what you’re learning. We think you’ll learn better and quicker if you’re doing the work—instead of just sitting in a lecture room.

3. We’ll help with your search for financial aid.
We want you to get the financial support you need. That’s why we have trained Student Finance Planners to help you get the financial aid you need.*

4. We provide short-term career training.
Many of our career programs can be completed in 9 months, which means you can start working in your new career in less than a year

5. We help our graduates find jobs after graduation.
We’re focused on training our graduates for careers, that’s why each campus has a Career Placement Office. Our Career Placement Representatives can help you practice your interviewing skills. They can also help improve your resume. It’s our job to not only train you, but help you with your job search after graduation.

6. Employers recognize the quality of our graduates.
Employers hire Everest graduates because they know the quality of our training. They know our graduates have the career training experience and education to succeed in their chosen profession.

Contact us to learn more about Everest College.

Every Everest College campus has a Financial Aid Office with representatives trained to help you find various financial aid options. You may not know this, but financial aid is available for those who are qualified.

And it’s our job to help you find the best financial aid options out there. There are many financial aid programs out there: government financial aid, scholarships, and student loans. These are available to qualified students.

Our financial aid representatives can help you sort through the paperwork, and guide you through your options. If you have a question about the best type of financial aid for you, simply complete our easy online form.

We can discuss your options, and help you select the best program to pay for your career training.

Everest College Information

Everest provides students with short-term career training in a variety of popular programs*. Our schools offer diplomas and/or degrees in:
Students can also earn online degrees through Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit www.everest.edu/disclosures or www.everestonline.edu/disclosures.

*Programs vary by campus.


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