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If you watch AMC’s hit cult series “The Walking Dead,” you know life following the Zombie Apocalypse won’t be pretty. The infrastructure will collapse. Government will disappear. The military will be reduced to ruins. Hospitals, grocery stores, cell phone service? Gone, gone and gone. With millions of flesh-eating zombies roaming the earth in search of fresh brains, all we’ll have is our guns, the clothes on our backs and the skills we acquired before the zombies took over.

So what careers will be most in demand when the dead walk the earth?

In his best-selling novel (and soon to be major motion picture) “World War Z,” author Max Brooks imagines hundreds of thousands of Zombie War survivors hunkering down along America’s West Coast. What remains of the U.S. military will try one last counter attack against the flesh-eating hoards. And civilians will be drafted to perform basic services and keep what’s left of civilization operating.

Ironically, people who were once “professionals” and highly paid are now the least valuable. These “moochers” include actors, agents, managers, CEOs and lawyers. They will get to dig ditches and perform basic manual labor.

Who are the most valued? People who can make things work. People like:

Electricians – Because modern civilization runs on electric current, and people who can keep the juice flowing are worth their weight in gold.

Plumbers – Because nothing is more critical to hygiene than running water and a functioning sewer system.

HVAC Specialists – Because they make it possible to live in inhospitable climates. Think about 100 degree heat, 90 percent humidity and no A/C. Zombies may love it – but not the humans.

If you’re concerned about your place following the Zombie apocalypse – and who isn’t? – you can get the technical training you need to restore civilization at Everest. From electrical to HVAC, we have the programs that can help you help the world fight zombies and rebuild civilization. Learn more today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. View additional disclosures here.

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians install HVAC systems, or repair and maintain systems already in place.

If your job is to install a new system, you’ll read blueprints and prepare a space for the new equipment. The job will be finished when you’ve made sure the unit works properly and meets local compliance requirements.

If you work on an existing system, you’ll inspect each component. If a part or systems isn’t working, you’ll repair or replace it. The unit’s ventilation system needs to work efficiently too. If not, you’ll need to repair or replace this as well.

HVAC technicians may be on the move and work in different locations. They may work on their own or in teams, depending on the size and complexity of the project. This profession could be a great match for someone who enjoys working with their hands and having variety in their work every day.

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