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You may know that an education through Everest is the perfect starting point for moving your life forward and landing your first job. But with today’s changing job market, many people are considering continuing education and online training as a means of getting an edge in their current job or even moving ahead.

Continuing education courses provide a way to stay on top of changes and emerging trends in many career fields. For some careers, continuing education credits are a requirement for maintaining certifications or licenses.

Continuing education can be the next step in your journey that opens the window to a whole new world of exciting career opportunities. And now, Everest is excited to offer online continuing education courses in a variety of fields!

Online IT Certification

With Everest’s online IT certification courses, you get the knowledge and skills needed to get your IT career moving in the right direction. Employers will know you have the ability to support their business with the proper industry-required certifications.

Online Business and Legal Certificate Training

If your goal is in the business world, get the professional edge to set yourself apart from the crowd and advance your career with skills that many employers value.

Online Health Care Certification

With the right training, experience and skills, you can advance your career in the health care industry and perform the vital support functions that medical facilities and doctors’ offices depend on.

Online Industrial Certification Training

If your goal is working in a hands-on industry where quality and safety, then an online industrial certification can help you stand out when it comes time to make a career change.

Online Insurance Pre-Licensing

Online insurance training can be a good career fit if you enjoy serving the community. Pass your insurance license exam with confidence and move to the next level of success.

Online Real Estate Training

For many, buying a home is an important investment. You can set your sights on success and help others in the home-buying process with training that prepares you for real estate licensing.

Everest Continuing Education can be your key to continued success. Want more information? Call us at 855-806-9716.

Everest College Information

Everest provides students with short-term career training in a variety of popular programs*. Our schools offer diplomas and/or degrees in:
Students can also earn online degrees through Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit www.everest.edu/disclosures or www.everestonline.edu/disclosures.

*Programs vary by campus.


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