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0819150blogphotodebtDebt can accumulate quickly, especially as a student. Some smart prioritizing can help you avoid a lot of financial woes. Follow these suggestions to help get you out of the red and pay off your debt:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Ignoring it won’t make it go away. Face it head on now, before it gets worse.
  • Write down and organize all of your debt. Note how much you owe, what the interest is, and whom you owe it to.
  • Try to prioritize your debt by how much you owe and what consequences there are if it isn’t paid on time. Taxes and rent/mortgage are usually the most important to pay off first. If luxury items, like your TV, get repossessed, it’s not going to be the end of the world.
  • Make a budget. How much money do you have coming in? What necessary expenses do you make every month?
  • Try to negotiate your repayment plan. Some taxes will work with you to create a payment plan that works on your budget.
  • Find ways to generate extra income. Work overtime, get a second job, have a garage sale, etc.
  • Use the stack method to pay off your debt. Once you’ve paid off your first debt, apply that payment used for that debt to the next loan. When the second loan is paid off, add that payment to the next until all your loans are paid off.
  • You’re not alone. Plenty of other people have been in the same difficult situation and gotten themselves out of it. It’s also important to remember that there are people who can help and guide you.

At Everest, you can get help from financial services to set up a budget that works for you. Contact us to find out how Everest can help you manage your finances: http://ow.ly/nLnbJ

0817150blogphotoJob boards can be a great resource for finding new career opportunities… if you know how to use them effectively. Career Services at Everest is always there to help you navigate job listings, but here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Use an aggregator like Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, or CareerJet.com. An aggregator collects openings from hundreds of different job boards so you don’t have to go to hundreds of different sites. An aggregator will also filter out most bogus listings.
  • Pay attention to what jobs you’re applying for. When sending out so many applications, it can be easy to lose track. Applying to the same job twice looks unprofessional and can hurt your chances.
  • Use the information you find on job boards as research. See what common skills employers are looking for in your position and be sure to include them on your resume. You can also get an idea of typical salary, etc.
  • Don’t send out generic resumes. Personalize each application to fit the company and position you’re applying for.
  • Use all of your resources. Don’t rely solely on job boards. Make connections, network, and utilize the career services at your campus.

At Everest, you can get ongoing career services support to help you in your job search. Contact us for more details on how Everest can help you use job boards to your advantage: http://ow.ly/nLnbJ

speedreadpostYou may love reading (or just have lots of it you have to do) but may not have enough time for it. When you can’t make more time for it, what do you do? Read faster. Here are some tips to help you increase reading speed and comprehension:

  • Reading is not linear. Feel free to go back and reference parts you have already read. It will help you understand the material better.
  • Stop subvocalizing. Subvocalizing is the act of sounding out words in your head. That actually slows us down because our brains understand the word much quicker than the time it takes us to sound it out.
  • Practice reading. The more you read, the quicker you will get.
  • Use a pointer. It will help you focus on what you are reading and keep track of your place.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Find your motivation. If you’re finding that it’s a struggle to concentrate, remember the end goal and why you are doing it in the first place.

4. bigstock-Photo-of-young-brunette-woman--42544771

Are you wondering what to do with your kids this summer vacation? Why not give your kids a head start? Some pressure-free, playful learning can be both fun and productive. Here are some tips for crafting a summer schedule to put your kids on the path towards success.*

  • Figure out your child’s learning needs. If your little one could use some work in a specific subject, focus on that. Talking with your child’s teacher can help you decide where he or she might need a little extra practice.
  • Be prepared. Schedule one fun activity each day, and work a little learning in, like a simple cooking project or making lemonade, both of which uses math and motor skills, as well as reading recipes. Picking a weekly theme — transportation or art, for example — and allowing your child’s friends to join in can make it more enjoyable.
  • Include down time. Learning is great, but so is playtime. To prevent your kid from burning out, schedule breaks throughout the day for your child to just play. After all, it is still summer vacation.
  • Team up with other parents. Sometimes you need a break too, right? Taking turns watching each other’s kids can help free up time for both of you to relax or take care of other things. Plus, your child then has other kids to play with.

Follow these tips for planning out your child’s summer and you can both be productive and have a great time together. Learning is fun!

* Source: http://amomwithalessonplan.com/summer-schedule/

30. Look-at-all-this-Work-I-havent-done-yetWe’ve all been told, “I need this done now.” Often, we hear it from several people at the same time. The question is if everything is a priority, how are you supposed to prioritize?

  • Make a list. At the beginning of the day, write down everything that you have to do. Then start categorizing them by urgency.
  • Assess the value. Weigh the benefits of completing a task first versus the possible consequences of completing it later. This can help you order your priorities.
  • Be honest. Know your limitations and don’t make promises you can’t keep. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.
  • Be flexible. As you get more work, your priorities will shift. It is helpful to adjust to these changes.
  • Cut the cord. There comes a point where you just need to finish a task and move on. The perfectionist in you may want to keep fine-tuning that last task, but it’s better for productivity to cut the cord and move on.

graduation cap and cash roll, closeup Balancing your student finances can feel like a circus tightrope act. Don’t sweat; you’re not up there without a safety net. Here are some tips to help with student finances:

  • Be careful with your credit card. On one hand, it’s good to start building credit history. On the other hand, credit spending can quickly spiral out of control.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. Find out how much you make and then how much you spend per month. Of your spending, figure out what is necessary and what is luxury (Sorry, no matter how you spin it, beer is not a necessity).
  • Save early and often. Even if you put just a little away at a time, it can help you out a lot down the road.
  • Borrow as little as possible. In addition to loans, there are many scholarships and grants available to all types of students. If you do have to borrow, make sure you understand all costs and terms before agreeing to anything.
  • Use coupons. Sites like Groupon offer great deals that can save you money.
  • Use technology to your advantage. You can get alerts for credit cards, bank accounts and other payments to help stay on top of it. This way, you can avoid unnecessary late fees.

bigstock-Line-Of-Police-Cars-3888532If you’ve ever considered a career in law enforcement, the Winter Park Police Department in Winter Park, Florida, has numerous opportunities for interns and volunteers.

As an intern with the department, you’ll be scheduled time with each division of the agency to see how they work on a day-to-day basis. You’d get to shadow offers, detectives, and other staff, ride with patrol, participate in investigations when possible, and even learn the appropriate use of weapons.

Most important, you’d get an exciting, firsthand look into the inner workings of a real, functioning police department. In fact, their current intern, Jason Cole, is a hearing-impaired student pursuing a Criminal Justice degree in South Orlando at Everest University whose dream is to enter law enforcement.

If an internship isn’t right for you, consider volunteering with the department. It’s a fantastic way to find a rewarding experience and to serve your community.

Volunteer and intern positions are available for those who complete a simple application process. Applications are obtained by contacting Officer Randall Morrissey at either 407-599-3562 or by emailing him at rmorrissey@cityofwinterpark.org.

Link: Criminal Justice degree in South Orlando  

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