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With a busy life and responsibilities to family and friends, attending school can be a challenge. The good news is it tends to get easier when everyone understands how much your education means to you ­­— and them.

People are supportive when they understand how your success can benefit everyone. When your life improves through education, their lives can improve because you’ll have more to offer. People are supportive when you tell them how much you appreciate their support, understanding and patience. It makes them want to help in whatever way they can.

People also become supportive when you let them know their dreams are just important as yours. They also tend to be a lot more supportive of your success because they feel you care about what’s important to them as well.

By showing how much you care for friends and family, and helping them understand their goals and dreams are just as important, the odds are they’ll be happy and willing to support your educational goals.

Single parent tipsRaising children can be tough, especially if you’re trying to balance a home life while currently enrolled or thinking about attending school. Here are two single parent tips worth considering.

1.  Invest time and energy in positive activities. Spending quality time with your kids at parks, museums or just walking a trail might yield some surprising results with respect to the people you may meet.

2.  Don’t build walls around yourself. If you’ve been hurt in the past, it may feel natural to build up social walls. Keep yourself open to positive relationships with others and ask your friends and family for support when you need it.

The professionals at Everest understand all the aspects of student life and can help you work through challenges, whether you’re just starting school or already an Everest graduate.

If you would like confidential help while in school, you can take advantage of the Everest CARE program. Call our tollfree hotline at 1-888-852-6238 or visit the website at EverestCARES.com.

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