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When interviewing for an entry-level accountant job, chances are there won’t be a lot of questions about your workplace experience. After all, you’re just out of school! However, you should be prepared to answer some specific technical questions, including:

  • What accounting applications are you most familiar with? Be prepared to discuss your Everest training as well as any other applications you may have learned on your own.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of these systems? Accounting applications are designed to deal with specific problems and situations. Be able to explain the pros and cons of the systems on which you were trained.
  • Give us some examples of accounting reports you’ve prepared. Bring sample reports to your interview and be prepared to discuss how you created them.
  • What’s the biggest challenge facing accountants today? What they probably want to hear is, “Accountants need to be effective consultants and managers, not just number-crunchers. Employers don’t want just facts and figure. They want solutions.”

For more advice on having a successful job interview, consult with your Everest Career Services professional.

Are you anticipating your first job interview or counting down the days until your next one? Here are a few helpful tips that can help you get in the right frame of mind.

1.  Do your research. Study the company’s requirements and match your skills with their needs.
2.  Practice interviewing. While there’s no set format that a job interview might follow, you can usually count on being asked questions about your qualifications.
3.  Dress right. Make sure your clothes are clean and professional-looking. First impressions are important.
4.  Remain calm. Preparing for an interview will help, but take your time when answering questions. Short pauses are fine if you need to gather your thoughts.
5.  Ask questions. Have some questions in mind about the company you hope to work for. You’ll learn more about the job, and asking questions let’s your interviewer know you’re interested in the company’s culture.

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