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bigstock-stress-disorder-from-acute-wor-41515405A recent survey paid for by Everest College found that a surprising 83 percent of workers say they’re stressed out at work. That’s a 10 percent jump from 2012, and John Swartz, regional director of career services at Everest College, puts a lot of the blame on the economy.

“The economy has improved, but choices employers made three and four years ago are starting to impact employees,” he says.

That means heavier workloads, low pay and greater fear of being laid off, for starters. But even people in high-paying jobs are stressed, but for different reasons.

One popular source of stress, they say, is constantly being available. Smartphones and tablets now mean that more people are never “off the clock,” and instead, they are working all the time. But for those with household income of over $100,000, the biggest group blamed unreasonable workload for their stress.

But some employers are finding ways to help reduce workplace stress. For example, Ocean Bank in Miami has started wellness classes, lunch and learn workshops on time management, and exercise classes to help their staff.

Another important step is for workers to find ways to reduce stress such as taking short walks on lunch break and eating healthier. Even little things can make a big difference.



bigstock-Asian-woman-with-big-surprise--33674468Being honest in the workplace is a good thing, but there are still some things that bosses just don’t want to hear. So here’s what Monster.com says are five things that you should never say to your boss.

  1. “I need a raise.” Companies don’t care what you need. They care about what you deserve. So make your case and show them that you really are worth more.
  2. “That’s not possible.” Bosses want to hear about what can be done, not what can’t. So focus on what is possible, or what it will take to get the job done.
  3. “I’m so hung over.” If you made the poor choice to hit it a bit too hard the night before, you can make the choice to suck it up and carry on the next day. That’s why we have coffee.
  4. “I don’t know.” You can’t know everything. But when there’s something you don’t know, simply say, “I’ll find out right away.” And then do it.
  5. “It’s not my fault.” They probably hear enough of that from their kids. At work, they’re looking for people who can take responsibility and solve problems.




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