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Email-in-the-inbox_WP061814Whether it’s your first day of career training or the first day of a new job, it’s helpful to know how to keep your email inbox organized. As the world becomes more digital, knowing how to keep your inbox clean will become even more important. Here are five tips on how to manage your email inbox:

1. Create folders. Sort the messages in your inbox by date, subject matter or importance.
2. Respond to critical messages immediately.
3. Delete messages you don’t need.
4. Set aside time at the end of the week to clean out any clutter that might’ve slipped by during a busy week.
5. Don’t wait until your inbox is out of control. Develop good habits and keep your inbox in check all the time.

# 8 Get-OrganizedStaying organized isn’t just about clutter. It can also help you better manage your life, helping you keep track of appointments and feel less stressed. Here are some simple tips to help you get organized.

  1. Take inventory. Go through your coat closet, desk or dresser and pull out anything you haven’t used or worn in the past year. Then donate it or give it to a friend.
  2. Get a new calendar. Hang it on the wall or carry it with you and use it to keep track of appointments, kids’ activities, and important dates like birthdays.
  3. Toss junk mail. Rather than lay the pile of mail on the counter and pull out the important stuff, pull out the bills and things first and put the rest directly into the recycling bin.
  4. Make a budget. Make a list of everything you spend money on and look for things you can live without. You might be surprised at how little you really need.
  5. Make a list of goals. Make a list of the things you want to get done and keep it with you. Then check things off as you do them. You’ll not only remember to do things, but you’ll feel good about your accomplishments!

With a little help, you can start 2013 on the right foot!

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