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At Everest, we know how challenging it can be to raise a child on your own, especially when going to school. So we put together some simple advice for helping you cope and be the best you can be.

Make the most of your free time. Get out and do fun, positive things. Take a day hike, go to the park or visit a museum together. You’ll not only reconnect with your child, but you might be surprised at the people you meet and friends you can make.

Make and keep friends. Been hurt in the past? Resist the urge to build a wall around yourself. Stay open to positive friendships and never be afraid to turn to friends or family when you need support—it can make a big difference.

We want you to succeed. And with a little support, you can. For confidential help, call the Everest CARE program at 888-852-6238 or visit EverestCARES.com.

For many, back to school means hectic trips to buy supplies, tired kids, and a stressed-out mom. But with a little planning and some smart ideas, you can make it easier on everyone—especially you.

Get kids back on schedule– To help kids with the change in schedules, start putting them to bed and waking them up a bit earlier every day, and start doing it two weeks before school starts up.

Start a calendar– Having a family calendar is a must if you want to keep everything straight. An easy option is a dry-erase calendar up on a door or wall where you keep track of the month’s sports practices, open houses, and your personal schedule. Then erase and start a new one at the end of each month.

Shop early– For the best deals on school supplies, make sure you shop at least a month in advance. Waiting until the last minute likely means you’ll be stuck with more expensive items and stores may even run out of high-demand items.

Plan ahead– Figure out how long it takes to get to the bus or school in the morning. You can even set the table for breakfast the night before to save you time in the morning rush.

With a little planning, back to school doesn’t have to be stressful.

Summer is supposed to be fun. But after a while, between mealtimes and the constant demands of “I’m thirsty” or “Can I have a snack?” it can start to get to any of us. But with a little creativity, you can make the rest of your summer a little bit easier.

Keep cold drinks handy– Prepare a jug of iced tea, lemonade, or just ice water, and keep it within easy reach of the kids. Put some plastic cups nearby and throw a cotton rug on the floor, and you’ve got an easy self-service drink station.

Same goes for snacks– Kids love to be independent, so keep a collection of healthy snacks where they can reach them. You can even set out good old peanut butter and jelly and let them fix their own sandwiches when they’re hungry.

Make use of that BBQ– Cooking on the grill is not only fun, but many foods are delicious when grilled. Throw on some chicken and a few veggies, and you not only have a healthy and delicious meal, but you’ve saved a mess in the kitchen.

What other tips to you know for surviving summer? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

We all know that brothers and sisters like to argue and bicker—some more than others. The good news is that it’s natural, as long as it doesn’t go overboard. But these tips from HealthyChildren.org can help you keep the fights to a minimum.

  • Be fair. Don’t take sides; focus on teaching cooperation, not on deciding a winner or loser.
  • Don’t compare. Don’t compare your kids to one another. That will only make things worse.
  • Set boundaries. Make sure kids know acceptable ways to solve conflict and encourage them to work out their own differences.
  • Don’t reward tattling. It’s not constructive and only breeds more resentment.
  • Teach lessons, not shame. If a child needs to be punished or reprimanded, do it away from the other kids.

Parenting can be challenging at times. Take a deep breath and know you’re not alone.

  1. Keep reading. Don’t let your bedtime stories slide. Keep reading and keep their minds active.
  2. Play games. Board games and card games are great ways to stimulate the mind and brush up on math skills.
  3. Play “find it” or trivia games in the car. Use the time in traffic to play “I spy” or trivia games about the things around you.
  4. Create a lemonade stand. That’s right. It can teach kids counting, addition, and business savvy.
  5. Do art projects. Art projects aren’t just creative, they stimulate important parts of the brain and keep kids sharp.

Enjoy the sun and have fun!

An ice cream bar now and then is a fun treat. Here are some easy ways to keep kids happy without giving them tons of sugar.

  • Make fruit juice ice cubes with toothpick holders.
  • Give them snacks they can grab on the run like tiny turkey or cheese sandwiches.
  • Cut a banana in half, dip it in chocolate, and freeze it for a healthy treat.
  • Make your own pizza together and let the kids help. They’ll usually be healthier (and cheaper) than from a pizza place.

With a little creativity, your kids can eat healthy and not even realize it!

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