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There are 29 million jobs in the U.S. that pay an average of $35,000 per year and higher, and don’t require a bachelor’s degree. Yet, we don’t have enough schools to train people to fill them. This is according to a report by a public policy group at Georgetown University.*

The report lists five ways high school graduates can get the technical skills employers want (without investing four to five years earning a bachelor’s degree):

  • Employer-based training
  • Postsecondary certificates
  • Registered apprenticeships
  • Industry-based certifications
  • Associate degrees

The good news is you can find exactly the type of career training the report recommends from Everest, which offers diploma and associate degree programs in health care, criminal justice, business, accounting, computer information science and paralegal fields. Students can usually complete diploma programs in less than a year, and associate degree programs in about two years.

For more information on programs, schedules and locations of Everest campuses in your area, contact Everest today. Programs and schedules vary by campus.

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* Source: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, and Civic Enterprises http://cew.georgetown.edu/ctefiveways/

“Paying for College” Is No. 1 Concern of Students

According to a recent poll on the Everest College Facebook Page, “paying for college” is a top concern for potential students. The poll, which ran from July 5-6, listed five common issues and asked Page Fans to pick their top concern. The results were as follows:

Everest Colleges, Institutes, and Universities offer financial aid for those who qualify. Our student finance planners work one-on-one with students to help them select the loan, grant and scholarship packages that best fits their needs. We also help them apply for such assistance.

Programs, program lengths and program schedules vary by campus. Campuses vary by state. Everest College, Everest Institute and Everest University are part of the Everest family of schools.

Katina C. 2007 Graduate, Diploma in Pharmacy Technician, talks about her experience at Everest College, being a single parent and the advantages of having a flexible schedule.

To learn more about Everest Colleges, Institutes and Universities check us out at Everest.edu

Vegas, baby! Vegas!

As of today, Las Vegas College has changed its name to Everest College. The campus will still be located at 170 N. Stephanie Street, Henderson, NV 89074 but will have a new, great name!

“We believe the name change will allow us to better serve our students and their prospective employers while creating efficiencies in marketing, advertising and operations,” says Campus President David Fritz.

The school will still offer the same great programs:

If you’re in search of an exciting new career and looking to get a leg up on your competition, enroll at Everest. Our short-term, hands-on career training will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in your new career path. Find out more about our campuses, programs, financial aid and career placement assistance by calling 888-741-4270 or by filling out a simple form on our website: Begin Your Brighter Future!

-For further information about the Las Vegas College name change, please read our Press Release: 8-10-2009

-For info about the Henderson, NV campus, visit our website: Everest.edu/campus/henderson

We’re all pretty excited that Rebecca, one of our Massage Therapy students, is featured on Beauty and the Geek 4. You can review her profile on the official Beauty and the Geek website.

Everest College Information

Everest provides students with short-term career training in a variety of popular programs*. Our schools offer diplomas and/or degrees in:
Students can also earn online degrees through Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit www.everest.edu/disclosures or www.everestonline.edu/disclosures.

*Programs vary by campus.


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